Psychological assessment service

Cognitive disorders are very common in mental health problems, especially when an episode persists over time or is repeated.

These deficits can also persist during periods of remission. They can hinder the effectiveness of therapy, return to work and family cohesion. They can also be a factor in relapse.

Comprising a team of psychologists and neuropsychologists, the Psychological Assessment Service offers psychological and neuropsychological assessments to people of all ages, whether they are being treated at Les Toises or elsewhere.

Personality structure assessment

The service offers personality assessments using projective techniques (Rorschach, TAT), tools that can be used to build up an in-depth personality assessment.

Neuropsychological assessment

Neuropsychological assessments investigate various cognitive functions using paper-and-pencil and computerized tests.
(attention, memory, executive functions, language, praxis, gnosia, intellectual performance, speed of information processing).

A neuropsychological assessment has a variety of aims:
prevention, identification of difficulties, vocational or educational guidance.

Among other things, it enables us to:

  • draw up a cognitive assessment to determine how the person is functioning at a given moment in time
  • profile cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • study the effects of medication or therapy on cognitive functions
  • clarify a diagnosis

The assessment includes an interview, an evaluation over several sessions, and oral and written feedback on the results.

Assessment of ADHD in children and adults

Studies estimate that 5% of the adult population lives with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD), and more than half are unaware that they have the condition. Many adults with ADHD will consult a healthcare professional to treat anxiety problems, mood disorders or marital difficulties, for example, without knowing that ADHD is the underlying cause of their current condition.

The Psychological Assessment Service carries out the diagnostic investigation of Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD) according to an established assessment protocol.

The Centre des Toises also offers accompaniment and support following a diagnosis of ADHD
(introduction of medication, psycho-education, cognitive remediation).

Cognitive remediation

Once the neuropsychological assessment has been completed, cognitive remediation can be undertaken if difficulties are identified.

Cognitive remediation is a computer-assisted therapy designed to strengthen impaired cognitive abilities by working on individualized objectives. The aim is to promote patient autonomy andimprove quality of life.

Terms and conditions

Requests for psychological and neuropsychological assessments can be made online or by calling Les Toises.

The length of an assessment depends on the individual's situation and needs.